• Why We’re Different

    Today, there is tremendous competition in every housing market. All of that adds to the daily pressure of realizing and maintaining quality margins and profits. The reality that there is pressure is true whether an individual market is expanding or contracting. So, the question you have to ask yourself is, “Do you feel lucky? Well, do you?” Or, would you rather have more than just hope and luck working for you? That is where the folks at MPKA can help relieve some of your daily stress and pressure.

    The seasoned professionals at MPKA have been in and experienced “life in the trenches” just as you do every day. So, they understand how busy you are and how many balls you juggle; day after day, week after week. That understanding is why MPKA exists. We are here to help you achieve your goals while reducing your stress. We can provide the experience and expertise to assist you and your management team in finding new ways to tackle and defeat old problems.

    At MPKA, our professional team has functional backgrounds in every aspect of the homebuilding industry. The MPKA team consists of individuals who have been successful Regional Presidents, Division Presidents, Chief Financial Officers, Controllers, Treasurers, Purchasing Managers, Sales and Marketing Vice Presidents, Risk Managers, and Financial Services Managers as well as Vice Presidents of Human Resources and Construction/Quality Initiatives.

    Have you considered having someone else come in and help you with all that you are working on and those projects that you have never had the time to take on? On a ROI basis, it may be much more affordable than you ever imagined.

    Here is just a sample of improvement possibilities in which MPKA can be of service:

      • Improved net sales activity and better manage the sales process
      • Increased qualified traffic and maximize a return on Internet leads
      • Improved customer satisfaction and increase referral business
      • Reduced costs with proven construction and quality initiatives
      • Reduced risk through compliance with OSHA and general safety regulations
      • Reduced costs and improved margins through strategic purchasing initiatives
      • Improved employee retention and recruitment processes
      • Enhanced cycle times and cash flow planning
      • Increased control of lot delivery and availability
      • Improved fiscal accountability
      • Effective business plan preparation and evaluation
      • Better control over closings and the lending process
      • Reduced litigation risks and insure proper liability coverage
      • Improved cash flow and appropriate capital allocations
      • Enhanced posturing and positioning for merger and acquisition opportunities
      • Efficient and effective management of debt restructuring

    This is not an all-inclusive list and, rest assured, we have every aspect of homebuilding covered. Let’s talk if you think you have any needs for which MPKA can be of service.

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