Debt Restructuring

  • Debt Restructuring

    MPKA helps managers of growing companies recognize their ability to access debt in the public market and through private placements with institutional investors. We can prepare you for introductions and assist you in negotiations with underwriters, legal and audit firms. We work with the selected team to create a timeline for successful execution.

    MPKA also assists homebuilding companies in renegotiating the terms of their existing debt.

    Debt restructuring presentation and current events as presented by David McCain to Bank of America/Merrill Lynch

    Click here for a full written summary by Bank of America/Merrill Lynch

    Real Estate Asset Management & Disposition
    • Review the current financial status of every project
    • Promote working relationships with your banks and lenders
    • Network with extensive MPKA client base to dispose of non-productive assets
    • Help set new courses of action based upon sound financial decisions
    • Successfully negotiate with lien holders during any disposition process
    Credit Restructuring & Negotiation
    • Review credit documents for general working capital on a project by project financial basis
    • Our restructuring experts provide the advantage of exploring all possible negotiation avenues
    • Effectively restructure debt
    • Improve cash flow
    • Reduce restrictive covenants
    • Provide operational clarity
    Homebuilder Portfolio Analysis
    • Analyze existing projects and categorize them, through concurrence with management, by asset strength
    • Develop working strategies to move forward with lending institutions
    • Provide lenders with mutually viable solutions to allow continued and future growth
    • Capitalize on existing strengths

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