Advisory Boards

  • Advisory Boards

    Several team members of the MPKA group have not only worked extensively with the directors of various boards; they also serve and have served as board members. Therefore, their experiences from both sides of the fence offer unique insights into the dynamics that are required of today’s successful organizations.

    Corporate Governance Issues
    • Review policies and procedures
    • Review books and records
    • Reduce liability exposure
    • Create and enhance the company’s marketability
    • Reduce audit and noncompliance issues
    • Create uniformity of policies and procedures
    Strategic Advice
    • Review business plan, operations and procedures
    • Create strategic growth and expansion plans by market and product type
    • Opportunistic purchases and hires
    • Create additional fee income
    Board Committee Services
    • Review current board committee structure
    • Reduce liability exposure
    • Address corporate governance issues
    • Create appropriate committees

    MPKA provides Advisory Board services, helping companies to set strategic direction and apply critical thinking as it applies to their businesses. The framework of the relationship and service would mirror the public company model with the Advisory Board member meeting quarterly with Senior Management to review and interactively discuss the direction and results of the company. Discussion topics may include but are not be limited to, the following:

    • Long term strategic direction for the company
    • Review and critique Business Plans
    • Review of current financial statements, trend analysis, and benchmarking
    • Review of balance sheet status, capital structure, and debt
    • Review of current and projected cash flow sources/uses
    • Analysis of actual versus Business Plan performance on a quarterly and year to date basis
    • Review and evaluation of the Sales and Marketing function
    • Review and Analysis of the Purchasing and Accounting functions
    • Review and Analysis of the Production and Warranty functions
    • Review of long term personnel needs, succession planning, management training, and organizational structure
    • Evaluation of current managers
    • Review and analysis of legal, regulatory, and personnel issues

    The program includes a full day onsite meeting once per quarter with company Senior Management. The Advisory Board member would also be available via telephone and email on an ongoing basis as needed. The engagement would be structured on an annual basis to be renewed with the concurrence of both parties.

    The MPKA Partners have over forty years of senior management experience with top public builders, financial services companies and capital investment. In addition, the Partners have extensive experience in the areas of strategic and critical thinking and goal setting, creating incentives to drive performance, capital formation, debt restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, operations management, regulatory issues, executive training, and general corporate and organizational issues. The MPKA Advisory Board program allows companies to access the senior executive experience and expertise of MPKA Partners in a manner tailored to fit your unique company, market, and circumstances. MPKA Partners’ experience includes:

    Bill Albers Partner, IHP Capital Partners, Executive VP, CFO, Centex Homes Board Service – Tadian Homes, Angel Fire Resort, American Excelsior Corp., Community Coffee Co.
    David McCain President & CEO, Lennar Financial Services, VP, General Counsel & Secretary, Lennar Corporation, VP, General Counsel and Secretary, John Alden Asset Management Company Board Service – RodBlu Investment Fund, Lendia Group, American College of Mortgage Attorneys

    If you would like a free consultation detailing how the Advisory Board program may be able to help your company, please contact MPKA, LLC at (800) 461-5540.

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