Risk Management

  • Risk Management

    The experienced team at MPKA understands how hard every builder has to work to realize a quality profit in today’s housing environment. Therefore, each associate also understands the importance of retaining every hard earned dollar. Let us help you assess your areas of risk while utilizing our unique insights and experiences to protect you and your company from the perils and threats that face every homebuilder.

    Insurance Review
    • Review all Insurance Policies
    • Review Subcontractor Insurance Requirements
    • Ensure the company has appropriate coverage limits and deductibles for your business
    • Assist in reducing level of risk to your company
    Claims Review
    • Evaluate claims activity and suits against the company
    • Review claims reporting and claims handling procedures
    • Determine kinds of losses and how to prevent or minimize loss
    • Ensure proper management of claims and reduce claim handling costs
    Litigation Management
    • Review and analyze claims and litigation matters
    • Organize, simplify and summarize each matter
    • Lower attorney fees
    • Gain control over litigation
    • Reduce life cycle of litigation issues
    • Convert each litigation issue to easily understood business analysis based on the amount at risk and reasonable settlement expectations
    • Assist and set reasonable and accurate reserve funds

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