Financial Management

  • Financial Management

    Too often as homebuilders, the focus is solely on the bottom line—profitability. Most builders can readily and easily refer to and recite their margins, revenues, deliveries, community count, value propositions and product differentiation. However, there is a whole other side to the business: the cost and expense side of the ledger.

    At MPKA, we recognize that controlling and driving expenses through efficiencies help your bottom line. So, let the specialized experts and consultants at MPKA work with you to evaluate and assist you in your cost saving initiatives.

    Management Financial Reporting
    • Review management goals and establish performance measurements and standards, including non-financial key indicators
    • Review accounting policies and procedures
    • Design reporting framework to compare performance with established standards and benchmarks
    • Provide the financial tools needed to effectively manage your business
    • Review cycle times for financial reporting
    • Benchmark results to other homebuilders
    • Improve operational performance
    • Improve fiscal accountability
    • Improve profitability
    Business Plan Preparation
    • Review preparation procedures and practices
    • Review the time spent on business plan development
    • Analyze adequacy of personnel, capital and land resources
    • Analyze adequacy of overall staff participation
    • Improve operational performance
    • Reduce process cycle time
    • Establish framework for strategic planning
    Business Plan Evaluation
    • Review scope and adequacy of annual business plan procedures
    • Compare results to business plan to determine accountability for results
    • Improve operational performance
    • Improve accountability

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