Operational Consulting

  • Operational Consulting

    Based upon your Company’s strengths and identified challenges, our team of experienced homebuilders will analyze your operations, recommend practical solutions for improvement and work with you and your management team on implementation; so you can be the best that you can be.

    All recommendations are tailored to your specific needs by utilizing as many of the following insights which, together, we decide are necessary to attain your long term goals. Your potential for success is greatly enhanced through the research, analysis and insightful awareness achieved during our intensive reviews of your operation.

    The ideal situation is to enjoy operational success throughout the entire company. Each insight and strategy is designed to encourage a team concept while promoting total process buy-in by way of increased operational awareness.

    Sales Performance
    • Critique the sales process and staff
    • Benchmark performance
    • Analyze buyer profile versus market and product
    • Outline plan for process improvement
    • Develop training and materials to address specific needs
    • Improve net sales activity
    • Lower marketing expenditures
    • Improve sales conversion ratios
    • Effectively manage sales process
    • Increase employee retention
    Marketing Initiatives
    • Review and analyze overall marketing plan
    • Forecast sales activity using traffic and market research
    • Review brand and the branding strategy
    • Critique each community presentation
    • Analyze internet marketing and lead management process
    • Review Realtor marketing strategy
    • Increase qualified traffic
    • Increase net sales activity
    • Make the most of Internet generated leads
    • Advance company culture both internally and externally
    Customer Satisfaction Initiatives
    • Gain understanding of the customers’ experiences and expectations
    • Define scheduled employee interactions & communication
    • Benchmark results and chart progress
    • Interpret results to achieve process improvement
    • Develop training and materials to address specific needs
    • Improve customer satisfaction and increase referral sales
    • Lower potential litigation risks
    • Manage results
    Customer Service Program
    • Review warranty request process management
    • Analyze service requests for product and process improvements
    • Benchmark results and compare to expectations
    • Define correlation between Customer Satisfaction and an effective Customer Service Program
    • Review homeowner maintenance initiatives
    • Develop training and materials to address specific needs
    • Improve construction quality
    • Reduce costs
    • Enhance company referral sales
    • Lower litigation risks
    • Retain and/or enhance company profits
    Construction & Quality Initiatives
    • Critique the overall construction process and staff
    • Review internal quality inspection processes
    • Analyze scopes of work
    • Review material control initiatives and environmental threats
    • Analyze water intrusion and mold protocol initiatives
    • Outline plan for process improvement
    • Raise best practice awareness
    • Develop training and materials to address specific needs
    • Improve quality and production
    • Reduce costs
    • Improve customer satisfaction
    • Enhance company referral sales
    • Reduce service calls
    • Lower litigation risks
    OSHA Training & Safety
    • 10-hour residential construction safety training
    • 5-hour residential construction safety refresher training
    • On-site & office safety compliance evaluation
    • Evaluate company safety program
    • Customize a company follow-up compliance program
    • Raise best practice awareness with staff and trades
    • Satisfy regulatory requirements
    • Improve safety standards
    • Reduce risks of OSHA violations, fines, litigation and on-site injuries
    Purchasing Initiatives
    • Cost control strategies and implementation
    • Evaluation of products and suppliers used in construction
    • Evaluation of Business Partners
    • Review product cost efficiencies
    • Raise best practice awareness
    • Review bidding and awarding of contract practices
    • Review vendor rebates and associated processes
    • Review adequacy of purchasing manual
    • Reduce costs
    • Improve and retain profit margins
    Management recruitment
    • Identify needs, prepare job descriptions and compensation levels
    • Identify and screen candidate, using extensive network of industry contacts
    • Arrange phone screens, face-to-face interviews and conduct negotiations
    • Conduct candidate searches tailored to the company’s needs
    • Provide cost effective, timely and professional placement
    • Reduce associate turnover
    • Improve ROI
    Job descriptions
    • Develop job descriptions relevant to current staff responsibilities
    • Review job descriptions to comply with State and Federal regulations as they relate to equal opportunity and civil rights statutes
    • Review Fair Labor Standards Act status (exempt versus non-exempt status)
    • Provide required information for recruitment, selection and hiring practices
    • Proper classification of positions
    • Proper accountability by position
    • Supervision requirements
    • Legal compliance
    Compensation & Incentive Initiatives
    • Analyze internal and external compensation levels
    • Analyze current pay scales using industry guidelines
    • Review incentive programs and schedule of terms for management, administrative, and sales staffs
    • Attract qualified applicants
    • Increase performance
    • Reduce turnover
    Associate training
    • Establish training initiatives, programs and evaluations
    • Review management development training initiatives, construction, sales, customer service, safety, human resources, time management, team building, motivation, ethics and sexual harassment
    • Increase job satisfaction, morale and motivation
    • Raise process efficiencies
    • Reduce associate turnover
    • Enhance company image
    Managing unit Activity
    • Develop concise daily and weekly reporting
    • Analyze start, sales, closing cycles
    • Analyze even flow production
    • Plot targeted levels of sales, closings & inventory
    • Improve cycle time
    • Improve closing efficiencies
    • Improve cash flow planning
    • Improve ROA
    Active Adult Opportunities
    • Analyze existing or potential locations for both desirability and customer expectations
    • Develop product, amenities and land plans that fulfill expectations
    • Develop impactful marketing programs for both in-state and out-of-state promotions
    • Expand operations into a higher profit market segment with lower qualifying issues
    • Enjoy higher conversion rates in a high growth, high demand market segment
    Land & Lot Inventory
    • Develop comprehensive availability analysis
    • Strategically plan long term growth and continuity
    • Develop alternate lot supply strategies
    • Improve delivery of finished ots
    • Balance sheet improvement
    • Strategic versus opportunistic and and lot acquisition

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